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The Okee Dokee Brothers: Folksy Shows Provide Lovers a romantic date Task They Could Perform Employing Kids

The brief variation: The Okee Dokee Brothers aren’t really brothers, but they’ve understood one another simply because they had been 36 months outdated, so they figure that’s close adequate. Singer-songwriters Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing have actually invested their particular everyday lives roaming around the U.S. countryside and composing songs that evoke nostalgia, question, and laughter. This family-friendly people musical organization encourages couples, moms and dads, children, grand-parents, and everyone in between to appreciate the wide open spaces within the country while the unbridled pleasure in your minds.

Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing, also called The Okee Dokee Brothers, was raised in Colorado where they fell in love with the best out-of-doors. The two boys usually desired to explore the mountains, deserts, and rivers with the western, and that’s just what they did whenever they happened to be of sufficient age.

In 2015, Joe and Justin saddled right up for a month-long adventure touring from Arizona to Wyoming. Their particular aim was to see the maximum amount of of the western as they could. Through the travel, they marveled on region’s legendary places from the Rocky Mountains into the great Canyon.

This outside adventure questioned the two youthful songwriters to leave of their comfort areas and go hiking, canoeing, and riding through yellow canyons, abundant forests, and mountainous landscapes.

Each brand-new experience provided Justin and Joe determination for new folksy tunes, and additionally they regularly got away their particular guitars to play concerning the horses, the campfire, the clouds, and the great old-fashioned feeling of getting out West. They created all these initial tracks into “Saddle Up: A Western Adventure Album.”

“Joe Mailander & Justin Lansing are positively charming because the duo that bring these cherished tracks which happen to be just as captivating for the kids and adults,” said Ricky Kej in examination the record album.

It’s no key that The Okee Dokee Brothers like horsing around and having fun, even so they’re also intent on their unique music. They write simple tunes that resonate with people young and old. The Okee Dokee Brothers shell out tribute on their sources with the childlike compositions, as well as their concert events motivate a love on the western for a new generation.

“We attempt to catch our shared childhood thoughts of songs within the outside and encourage men and women to move outside and obtain creative,” Joe told you. “our very own songs motivates involvement and remembering neighborhood.”

Lovers who’ve youngsters get tickets to The Okee Dokee Brothers’ programs to cure every person to a good time and develop fond memories.

Family-Friendly Bluegrass musical Gets visitors Clapping

Justin and Joe sing about every little thing in the sunshine. The motifs are simple, the rhymes are sweet, while the unified songs can get trapped in your mind. This dynamic duo understand how to pull on the heart strings in a slow serenade, nonetheless in addition can choose the defeat acquire folks dancing — and quite often howling.

The Okee Dokee Brothers put-on unusual bluegrass reveals that are pretty rowdy and involve lots of audience engagement maintain youngsters interested. The group features starred their particular folksy songs for family members everywhere. These shows tends to be great options for partners with children to plan a night out together that may generate everyone else smile.

“this really is folk-music geared toward young ones and families, but we become having fans from all age groups and all areas of life,” Joe demonstrated. “We draw from Americana genres, like bluegrass, old-time, and people, but also genres like rock and pop music, too.”

The Okee Dokee Brothers sing about life in the great outdoors, and additionally they draw inspiration off their lots of outside activities. Their particular arsenal of fun, pressing, engaging tracks inspire people to play along.

“They remind all of us with the American opinion that people’re sure for better weather condition,” stated Stefan Shepherd in an NPR analysis. “Their particular record remembers on a daily basis explorers — old and young — exactly who rediscover that notion daily.”

The Okee Dokee Brothers have traveled all around the U.S. to see the places, learn the ropes, and gain product with their folk tracks. Justin and Joe have created an “Adventure Album Series” that shows an accumulation three albums outlining three different trips they’ve taken together.

“Can You Canoe?: A Mississippi Adventure” may be the basic album inside the collection. Joe and Justin composed 15 tunes stirred by a 2011 canoe journey in the Mississippi River. From “Campin’ Tent” to “Roll on River,” these tracks talk about a wild experience through harsh seas on destination they name house.

“We you will need to create tracks that can draw in a 4-year-old and also have a level of and thus can keep the interest of a grandparent,” Joe mentioned. “more difficult than it sounds! But it is a great obstacle in regards to our writing.”

Saddle Up for an Adorably Rowdy Jamboree

The Okee Dokee Brothers have actually performed at neighborhood festivals, schools, and state parks all over the country. Every overall performance is somewhat different because every audience is actually just a little different. Joe outlined their particular shows as “both adorable and chaotic all on top of that.” You are going to usually see kids waving their particular fingers or dance while their own parents tap their own feet and clap their particular arms. Its an engaging atmosphere grounded in warm-hearted family values.

“We play live shows that motivate involvement and emphasize video clips from your month-long songwriting escapades in the Mississippi River, Appalachian path, Continental Divide, and the arctic north,” Joe stated.

During the summer of 2019, The Okee Dokee Brothers will placed on programs in California, Kansas, Minnesota, Nevada, and Virginia, among other places. Some programs are liberated to the public, although some are ticketed events. Investigate calendar observe whenever they’re swinging by the neck with the forests.

The Okee Dokee Brothers will always be cooking up brand-new activities and creating tunes with some twang and lots of wit. Joe and Justin capture a childlike surprise inside their songs, and that joyous nature captivates young children whom dream about exploring spots unidentified and living the American fantasy.

“The emails we receive after programs indicate a lot to all of us,” Joe said. “we numerous family members inform us that individuals will provide the soundtrack their kids’ childhoods.”

The Okee Dokee Brothers show the storyline associated with the American western with lots of Generations

The Okee Dokee Brothers have invested years exploring the country and conference those who communicate their unique gratitude for all the in the open air and Americana. Justin and Joe sing about the pure and simple issues that People in the us can relate genuinely to. The duo’s pressing however lighthearted songs offers something for everyone, and that is the thing that makes their unique programs the day task.

If they’re strumming on a banjo at a festival or singing on a pony in a grassy plain, Joe and Justin fill the air with good songs and transfer their own market to a different spot and time. Their own happy jamborees can hit a chord with family members which enjoy saddling up-and deciding set for a campfire adventure.

Because the Okee Dokee Brothers sing: “There ain’t nothing like a good outdated pal. You’ll findn’t numerous buddies as you and myself. We’ve got most fantastic tales, but i do believe we are able to all agree, ‘Yes sir, yes sir, those times had been great. Yes sir, yes sir, but these are good old fashioned times.'”